About The Webmaster


LIKES: purple, space, overwatch, valorant, genshin

DISLIKES: toxic losers on the internet :3

INTERESTS: coding!!, games, psychology, my bf

PERSONALITY: infp, 9w2, leo sun, aries moon(?)

PC Specs


i was born into a house of gamers, both my mom and dad played. i would always watch them play on the ps3, i would play on the wii and my dsi. i was able to use youtube by myself on my mom's laptop when i was 5, and discovered minecraft. i talked about minecraft day in, day out, every single day. my parents bought it for me and i would still talk about it ALL day. im sure my parents were fed up with me at some point or just blocking out whatever i say. i've been playing games.. other than minecraft and wii/dsi.. since i was about 7 or 8 i think. its what i do all day.. every day.. i just dont talk about it with my parents constantly anymore. they have my brother for that. i knew i wanted to do game development because of my passion for games and specific genres, like zombies and psychological horror. admittedly, i haven't played many zombie games but i love the idea so much i will (maybe) make the greatest zombie game to ever zombie game.

Web Dev

i first knew i wanted to do something related to coding by the time i was about 10. i had originally wanted to do game development, so i tried learning off of free courses but i didn't have the resources to actually start making something. i thought about doing game development often until i was 14 and took my first computer science class, in 9th grade. i learned html, css, and kind of sort of javascript. i made my first "website", although it was ugly. then made a second with a friend. then, i found neocities in may 2022. i made an account and started working on my first proper website.

Game Dev

i still want to do game development, but web development is fun too. im learning c# for unity currently and recreating older/simpler games to grasp the language. i have a lot of love for yandere simulator, but i hate the developer so much. if i could recreate it now, i would. there's a lot of ideas i have for games but i have to learn how to actually make the game, and probably how to model since i have no friends (..who can model).